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Winter Wonderland



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New York

I thought I would post about my journey to NYC (if I ever get there)

Alex and I are planning to spend four months in New York for work experience during the summer. We  both fell in love with the place after several visits and its time we stopped dreaming.  At the moment I’ve got sheets of potential internships, I could probably fill the walls in my room with the amount of post-its I have. All fully scribbled with email addresses and names. Today I went through the family address book and I found three people who might be able to help me. I emailed all three and one replied immediately saying she would be “delighted to help”. So that’s that one in the bag! Of course at some point the contact hunting has to stop and I have to start making something out of the slender little CV I have.

The internships I’m hunting for are photography, journalism, fashion and publishing related. I thought I’d keep it broad and see what I can find. I realize its very competitive but my naive little eyes can’t stop scanning down my post-its and thinking: one of these people, one of these contacts has got to say yes!

Keep your fingers crossed for Alex and I. More updates will soon follow.

And of course Merry Christmas!

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Strangers in London

A series of sneaky portraits.


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Shots from the Beach

A few weeks ago Aydine and I set out to the beach of Scheveningen. We took a ton of photos. Here are some photos Aydine took of me wearing her clothes. Aydine is a pretty awesome designer and fashion-nut. Her style combines classic trends with modern touches and she always manages to stay original. She is one to watch!

Aydine's collection

Beach Dance


If you would like to know more about Aydine and her designs email me: – and I’ll pass it on!

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Small excerpt from “The Pond”

It was 21.03. As expected he had arrived first. He walked right up to the pond. He looked up. The moon was bright and full. He didn’t like the idea of an arrogant moon, sitting there, lighting up the icy water. A luminous spectator of tonight’s meeting. He wished he could shoo it away.

I hope to have this story completed by the end of the week.

Potential Impatience

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This will make you want to dye your hair black

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I’m not very good at the whole blog thing but I want to try (again). I want to be a better and more interesting photographer and I want to write about thing that matter. I hope this is the way.

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