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Yesterday on our travels through Manchester and into Manchester Craft and Design Centre we came across the fairytale studio of Lily Greenwood. Her work takes you to a pastel coloured dreamworld of butterflies, birds and flowers mixed with Japanese kimono patterns. Her studio, website and blog are definitely worth a look. Don’t forget to buy a few of her greeting cards on your way out!

Examples of her work:




Check out:


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Small excerpt from “The Pond”

It was 21.03. As expected he had arrived first. He walked right up to the pond. He looked up. The moon was bright and full. He didn’t like the idea of an arrogant moon, sitting there, lighting up the icy water. A luminous spectator of tonight’s meeting. He wished he could shoo it away.

I hope to have this story completed by the end of the week.

Potential Impatience

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This will make you want to dye your hair black

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I’m not very good at the whole blog thing but I want to try (again). I want to be a better and more interesting photographer and I want to write about thing that matter. I hope this is the way.

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